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Images from River Cruise in Russia

These images were selected from the multitude shot during our river voyage between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Alt TextMap of River Cruise Route, Russia Alt TextOur River Transportation, Russia Alt TextShip Bridge, Russia Alt TextGoritzi Farmer, Russia
Alt TextColorful Riverbank Alt TextAlt TextElijah the Prophet Church, Yaraslavl, Russia Alt TextMoscow Harbor Building, Moscow
Alt TextChurch of Dimitri on the Blood, Uglich, Russia Alt TextFerry Entertainment, Kostrama, Russia Alt TextTransfiguration Church, Kizhi, Russia Alt TextBaby Bear, Mondraga, Russia
Alt TextPhotoBabe in Russian Dress Alt TextBow View, Russia Alt TextUglich Choral Group, Uglich, Russia Alt TextApproach to Kostrama, Russia
Alt TextKostrama Market Vendor, Russia Alt TextKostrama Market Vendor, Russia Alt TextInside Troisky Church, Kostrama, Russia Alt TextYaraslavl Monastery, Russia
Alt TextOverlooking Yaraslavl, Russia Alt TextGroup Shot, Kizhi, Russia Alt TextFlooded Area, Russia Alt TextCostume Party, Russian River Cruise