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Images of Fiji

PhotoMann and Roongnapa spent part of their honeymoon in Fiji. It was an interesting and beautiful place to visit but unfortunately it rained almost every day we were there! These images were shot the few times the sun made an appearance.

Alt TextNaselesele, Fiji Alt TextNaselesele, Fiji Alt TextPalm Trees, Taveuni Fiji Alt TextSigatoka, Fiji
Alt TextCopra Cooker, Taveuni Fiji Alt TextDouble Rainbow, Taveuni Fiji Alt TextWashing Dishes, Taveuni Fiji Alt Text180th Meridian, Taveuni Fiji
Alt TextMatei Beach, Fiji Alt TextNausori Highlands, Fiji Alt TextSavusavu Sunset, Fiji Alt TextMatei Post Office, Taveuni Fiji
Alt TextAudreys, Taveuni Fiji Alt TextSigatoka Valley, Fiji Alt TextView from Tongan Hill Fort, Fiji Alt TextTurbulence over Fiji
Alt TextAerial View, Fiji Alt TextInteresting Tree, Fiji Alt TextSigatoka Valley, Fiji Alt TextSavusavu, Fiji
Alt TextBoat Wreck, Savusavu Fiji