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Images of Japanese Vending Machines

PhotoMann has a large 'collection' of images of unique vending machines found around Japan. Estimates suggest there are 5.6 million vending machines which works out to be one for every 20 people in Japan. Sales from vending machines in 2000 totaled $56 billion! The most common are drink and cigarette machines followed by machines with pornography. Vending machines can be found on almost any street in Japan.

Alt TextEgg Vending Machine - This egg machine features farm fresh eggs. Alt TextUmbrella Vending Machine - Found near Tokyo Dome. The umbrellas are 400 to 1000 yen each. You're paying for convenience since the cheap umbrellas can be found for much less elsewhere. Alt TextRice Machine - Ten kilo bags of rice be purchased from this machine. It features eight different varieties for $30-40!Alt TextTruly Bizarre!! - This vending machine has truly bizarre contents... 'used' schoolgirl panties! We had heard that such machines existed but had never seen them. A colleague came across this machine in suburban Tokyo. This particular machine is a converted cigarette machine that now takes 10,000 yen notes (about US$130 bills). The current contents run from 1000 to 3000 yen.
Alt TextFilm and Disposable Camera Machine, Japan Alt TextPorn Machines - The machines are commonly protected with metal bars. It is common for the machines to have 'curtains' to shield the contents during the day. In the evening the shades roll up automatically. Other machines such as these are inside huts and are accessible any time.Alt TextName/Business Card Vending MachineAlt TextHello Kitty Popcorn Machine - Dispenses hot microwave popcorn
Alt TextHello Kitty Popcorn Machine, JapanAlt TextHot Ramen - Get your hot bowl of ramen! It's unlikely as good as a ramen shop but it will do in a pinch. Alt TextHorse Race Betting - Place your bets! These were two of many horse racing bet machines near Tokyo Dome. Alt TextParking Garage Machine - The entire building is a parking machine. Just drive your car into the bay. Each bay rotates through the building to maximize usage of space. Your parking ticket will retrieve your car back to the bottom bay. You back out your car onto the rotating circle. It will turn your car so you can drive out straight!
Alt TextFishing Anyone?? - Fishing line, fish hooks and even bait can be purchased here. Alt TextMobile Phone Recharing Station - Power cords for all common cell phone types dangle from the machine. Just hook up your phone, set a combo to lock up your phone and insert 100 yen (about 80 cents US). You phone can charge while you shop. Just hope you don't get a call while it's locked up!Alt TextEdy Charger - Edy is a prepaid e-money service usable througout Japan. This machine inside a McDonalds allows recharging your Edy card or phone.Alt TextCigarettes - Most Cigarettes are sold via vending machines.
Alt TextEnergy Drink and Protection - Recharge yourself before putting the condoms to use! Alt TextFlowers - Forget to get flowers on the way home? No worries as this flower machine can be found in Tokyo's Shinjuku station which services 2 million travelers per day.Alt TextRhinocerous Beetles - Rhinoceros beetles are popular pets to some children in Japan. Beetles can be purchased in this road side vending machine outside Morioka. The male beetles are 300 yen while the female ones are only 100 yen. The two curious kids here are part of the Shillingsberg clan.Alt TextLiquor House Mini - Rhinoceros beetles are popular pets to some children in Japan. Beetles can be purchased in this road side vending machine outside Morioka. The male beetles are 300 yen while the female ones are only 100 yen. The two curious kids here are part of the Shillingsberg clan.
Alt TextAutomated Waitress - Just make your meal selection from the machine outside the noodle shop. Feed your money into the machine then you'll get a ticket which you hand to the cook behind the counter inside. Unfortunately the machines rarely have pictures so it's hard for PhotoMann to order here.Alt TextMore Beer! - This beer machine includes large 2 liter jugs. A bottle of Boston Club whiskey can also be purchased.Alt TextRice Cleaner - Farmers can use the machine in this building to clean their freshly harvested rice. The output is the rice we're accustom to seeing in the store.Alt TextDrinks and Cigarettes - These are the most common machines. They're EVERYWHERE! The drink machines commonly have a both hot and cold drinks.
Alt TextToilet Paper - When you're in a bind you have to pay up. This machine at a Tokyo subway station toilet will cost you 100 yen (about 80 cents US) for a small package of toilet paper.Alt TextBattery Machine - The batteries on display in this machine must have been there a long time as they are visibly corroding. Hopefully the batteries bought from the machine are fresher! Alt TextHonor System Vegtable Stand, Japan Alt TextHonor System Flower Stand, Japan
Alt TextPhoto Printing Machine, Japan Alt TextFancy Coke Machines, Japan Alt TextPachinko Machine, Japan Alt TextSubway Ticket Machine, Japan
Alt TextParking Machine, Japan Alt TextKerosene Vending Machine, Japan Alt TextFried Foods Machine, Japan Alt TextPorn Vending Machines hidden inside, Japan
Alt TextScenic picture Vending Machine, Japan.Alt TextDrink and Recycle Machine, Japan Alt TextKids Toys Machine, Japan Alt TextWater Salad Drink, Japan
Alt TextIce Cream Machine, Japan Alt TextRefridgerated Locker, Japan Alt TextPay TV Card Machine, Japan Alt TextPhoto Machine Lineup, Japan
Alt TextReverse Vending Machine, Japan Alt TextMobile Phone Photo Printing Machine, Japan Alt TextNewspaper Vending Machine, Japan Alt TextDesigner Condoms Machine, Japan
Alt TextDry Ice Vending Machine, Japan Alt TextPhoto Printing and Enlarging Machine, Japan Alt TextFlight Insurance Machine, Japan Alt TextFrequent Flyer Miles Machine, Japan
Alt TextMore Vending Machines, Japan Alt TextIn-room Mobile Telephone Recharging Machine, Japa