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This web page is to provide those contemplating a move to Misawa, Japan with introductory information on Misawa City, Misawa Air Base and other Northern Japan locations. Below are a number of scanned brochures/documents. This method of delivery is much easier than mailing copies. In some cases, these brochures are hard to find in print form.

Some documents will appear sideways in your Acrobat reader as they are optimized for printing. You can rotate them in Acrobat for on-line reading. Several documents are quite large so a broadband connection is recommended for those files.


Misawa Air Base Info

Local Misawa Information

Aomori Prefecture & Northern Japan


Other Move Related Info



Useful Web Links in Japan



GPS Navigation in Japan!

Don't get lost in the Land of Kanji! I've finally found the ultimate tool for traveling around Japan... GPS maps that are not in Kanji! I had looked for something like this when I first moved to Japan and couldn't find anything. Several months ago I found this mapping solution at www.uud.info. The Japan GPS maps cover the whole country at 1:25,000 scale. Their maps are designed for use with Garmin GPS units and are remarkably accurate. It even includes many of the streets on base. My GPS (Garmin 60cs) tracks precicely along the GPS maps as I drive. The current version doesn't give turn by turn prompting from the GPS but you'll see where you are and where you're going in roman characters! I've used my GPS easily navigate to many places around Northern Japan. If you plan on exploring Japan I highly recommend getting a Garmin GPS and these Japan maps.



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